Unrestricted Pistol Course

//Unrestricted Pistol Course

Unrestricted Pistol Course



Class description:
This course was first designed for Schenectady County permit holders, but a number of neighboring counties are now accepting it. Please contact us for questions about specific areas.
You’ll be tested in the proper method for using a handgun for personal protection, as well as review New York State laws pertaining to the use of force.
This is a test, and requires a shooting proficiency course of fire.
Call Dan (518) 322-2045 to schedule class date and location.

Class requirements:
Hearing protection, eye protection and a baseball style cap
Firearm (unloaded) with 3 magazine or 3 speed loaders (revolver shooters)
Magazine pouch
200 rounds of factory ammunition
Copy of NYS Pistol Permit

Cost for course is $220
If you would like to mail a check, please send to

Northeast Firearms Training
111 Barnerville Road, PMB #119
Cobleskill, NY 12043

Please include your name, address, phone number, and a completed course application (you can find the course application on the Civilian page under the Unrestricted Class) so we can contact you to schedule a date and location for your private/semi-private session as this class is held by appointment only.

For any additional information or questions, please call Dan at +1 (518) 322-2045 or email us at dmbpps@yahoo.com