Utah Pistol Permit Training

utah-nftLegally carry a concealed pistol in 30+ states with the Utah pistol permit.

The class is approximately 5 hours, covering firearm safety and Utah law. Finger prints and photos are included in class.

All you need to bring to class is a black pen and your Driver’s license. When you leave the class all you need to do is enclose a check made out to Utah BCI and put postage on the envelope. In about 60 days you should receive your permit (as long as you have no disqualifiers).


Class Schedule:


8/23/15  9am to 2pm  Oneonta

9/27/15 9am to 2pm Oneonta

10/25/15 9am to 2pm Oneonta

10/31/15 9am- 3pm Schenectady *

11/15/15 9am to 2pm Oneonta

11-28-15 9am – 3pm Schenectady *

The cost of this class is $150

Make check payable to Daniel Bartholomew and mail with completed application to Northeast Firearms Training, 111 Barnerville Road, PMB 119,  Cobbleskill NY 12043

*Schenectady classes are being held at the Iroquois Rod & Gun Club, 590 Feuz Rd, Schenectady, NY 12306

For Class Location and Instruction please call 518-322-2045

Payment must be received 48 hours prior to class date.

If it is less than 48 hours, please call 24 hours before the class to ask if there is walk-in availability.

Upcoming Class Dates:

1/25/15  9am to 2pm

2/15/15  9am to 2pm

3/7/15  9am to 2pm

4/12/15  9am to 2pm (Schenectady)

4/18/15 (Oneonta)

5/9/15 (Troy)

5/17/15 (Schenectady) 9am-2pm

5/31/15 (Oneonta) 9am- 3pm

6/7/15 (Schenectady)  5pm-10pm

7/12/15 (Schenectady) 9am – 2pm

8/16/15 (Schenectady) 9am – 2pm

9/20/15 (Schenectady) 9am – 2pm

(Note: You do not need to have a New York Pistol Permit to obtain a Utah CFP. But the Utah CFP is not honored in New York.)

For list of states go to www.publicsafety.utah.gov/bci

+ Download Course Application Form


Group classes are available by appointment at your location. We’ll travel anywhere in the Northeast, from Maine, to Ohio, to North Carolina.